May 11-14, 2020, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Call For Posters

We invite participants to submit a poster to the CCGrid 2020 conference. CCGrid aims at presenting the latest breakthroughs in Cluster, Grid and Cloud technologies for both academic and industry professionals.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary. CCGrid 2020 will have a special focus on three important issues that are significantly influencing all aspects of Cluster, Cloud, and Internet computing: Adaptive Elastic Computing, Green Computing, and Cyber-Physical Computing. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Internet Computing Frontiers
    • Edge, Fog, Serverless, Lambda, Streaming, etc.
  • Architecture, Networking, Data Centers
    • Service oriented architectures, (I/P)aaS paradigms, Virtualized hardware (GPUs, TPUs, FPGAs), etc.
  • Storage and I/O Systems
    • Distributed storage, cloud storage, Storage as a Service, data locality techniques for in-memory processing, storage in the edge.
  • Programming Models and Runtime Systems
    • Programming models, languages, systems and tools/environments. Virtualization, containers, and middleware technologies. Actors, agents, programming decentralized computing systems.
  • Resource Management and Scheduling
    • Resource allocation algorithms, profiling, modeling. Cluster, cloud, and internet computing scheduling and meta-scheduling techniques.
  • Performance Modelling and Evaluation
    • Performance models. Monitoring and evaluation tools. Analysis of system/application performance.
  • Cyber-Security and Privacy
    • Cloud security and trust. Access control. Data privacy and integrity. Regulation.
  • Sustainable and Green Computing
    • Environment friendly computing ecosystems. Hardware/software/application energy efficiency. Power, cooling and thermal awareness.
  • Applications
    • Applications to real and complex problems in science, engineering, business and society. User studies. Experiences with large-scale deployments systems and data science applications. Distributed AI/Machine Learning on the cloud. Data streaming analytics for intelligent transportation systems.
  • Emerging Topics
    • Blockchain inspired models in distributed systems, Big Data (or data intensive) models

Submission and Review Process

The poster submission will be through the link provided in the EasyChair
Each research poster will be taken through a comprehensive peer review process by an internationally recognized group of experts in the field. Posters will be evaluated along the metrics of a) Quality of Presentation; b) Novelty / Originality; c) Relation to State of the Art; d) Technical Strength; e) Significance of Work; and f) Relevance to Conference. Every effort will be made to ensure that each poster receives multiple reviews.
Posters can be submitted through EasyChair in one of two ways:
  • Proceedings Published Posters
    • Participants submitting proceedings published posters are required to submit 1) a short paper upto four pages describing the poster content, research, relevance and importance to the cluster, grid and cloud computing community and 2) the draft of the actual poster to be presented as a PDF file. If accepted, this four page short paper will be published in the proceedings of the conference.
      Important dates:

      Important Dates

      • Extended Deadline for proceeding published posters: 24 January 2020
      • Notification of Acceptance: 17 February 2020
      • Final Version Due: 21 February 2020
  • Web Published Posters
    • These posters require a 1) short one page abstract and 2) the draft of the actual poster to be presented as a PDF file to be submitted. These abstracts will not be included in the conference proceedings, but will be published on the conference website.
      Important dates:

      Important Dates

      • Deadline for proceeding published posters: 20 March 2020
      • Notification of Acceptance: 10 April 2020
      • Final Version Due: 17 April 2020

Poster Presentation Information

  • By submitting a poster proposal, you agree to present the poster at CCGrid'20 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
  • Poster presenters need to be registered CCGrid'20 participants. Only posters of registered presenters will be admitted.
  • For both forms of posters, participants will be able to display the poster during the conference and give a short 5 minute presentation about their poster.
  • Draft of the poster as PDF file, 1 page maximum (the final poster may not exceed A0 portrait paper size (841 mm x 1189 mm/33.1” x 46.8”) or A1 landscape paper size (594 mm x 841 mm/23.4” x 33.1”).
  • Poster presenters are responsible for creating, printing and transporting their posters to the conference.
  • The organizers will provide poster boards, numbers, topic areas, tape etc. for the poster session.

Posters Co-Chairs

  • Hari Subramoni, The Ohio State University, USA
  • Joanna Kolodziej, National Research Institute (NASK), Poland

Posters Committee

  • Brian Barrett, Amazon Web Services
  • Evan Burness, Microsoft Azure
  • Sourav Chakraborty, AMD
  • Daniel Grzonka, Cracow University of Technology, Poland
  • Agnieszka Jakobik, Cracow University of Technology, Poland
  • Hyun-wook Jin, Konkuk University, South Korea
  • Rajkumar Kettimuthu, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Nectarios Koziris, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
  • Pawel Plawiak, Cracow University of Technology, Poland
  • Mohammad Wasi-ur Rahman, Intel
  • Pawel Szynkiewicz, National Research Institute (NASK), Poland
  • Ugo Varetto, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, Australia
  • Andrzej Wilczynski, Cracow University of Technology, Poland
  • Dariusz Zealsko, Cracow University of Technology, Poland

Please contact the Poster Co-Chairs for any questions / clarifications.