Dreamlarge Knowledge Transfer Project

Knowledge Transfer of Next-Generation Grid Technologies to Empower Emerging Economies


Photo Credit: Christian Vecchiola

Project Members with Provost Prof. Peter McPhee (Center) at the Dreamlarge Knowledge Transfer Grants Ceremony

Project Mentor

A/Prof. Rajkumar Buyya

Project Leader

Mukaddim Pathan

Project Members

Mustafizur Rahman, Marcos Assunção, William Voorsluys, Saurabh Garg


Project Summary

KT Video



Signification and Benefits

Communication of Results

Project Plans and Timelines

Project Summary

Grid computing is recognized as one of the top ten emerging technologies that will have a major impact on the quality of science and society over the next 20 years. Under the flagship project Gridbus, students of Grid Computing and Distributed Systems (GRIDS) Lab at the University of Melbourne are actively engaged in developing next-generation grid technologies that power e-science and e-business applications. Many of these technologies have earned international recognition, both in industry and academia.


The Dreamlarge award-winning Knowledge Transfer (KT) project, entitled, "Knowledge Transfer of Next-Generation Grid Technologies to Empower Emerging Economies", shares GRIDS Lab and Gridbus research and innovations with leading institutions of South-East Asian countries, such as India and Bangladesh, with the following objectives:

  • Dissemination of accumulated knowledge such as a published book, handouts and brochures as part of the KT Kit to the partners and students.

  • Showcasing individual student research project through the Web, online streaming and high quality KT Videos (Please check the Knowledge Transfer Video in YouTube).

  • Commercializing innovations of students through Manjrasoft Pty. Ltd., a company of the University.

  • Global elevation of the ‘Melbourne Model’ philosophy to attract potential overseas students, while simultaneously enhancing Australia’s credibility as a KT expert.



Significance and Benefits

Communication of Results

KT Experiences will reach out to the communities through the KT Website, online streaming, videos and publications in the UniNews, GradFlash, UMPAnews and Engineering Newsletters.

Project Plans and Timelines

Program Outline for the Interactive Knowledge Transfer Seminars



Introduction and Welcome Message

From the Organizers




From the Chief Guest* and the Project Mentor



Knowledge Transfer Activities

Knowledge Transfer Video Showcase


Research Demonstrations and Presentation by the Students**


  • Content Delivery Networks: Overlay Networks for Scaling and Enhancing the Web.

  • Scientific Workflow Management in Global Grids.

  • Market-oriented Grid Computing and Gridbus Middleware.

  • Virtual Machine Management for Cloud Computing Environments.

  • Enabling the Simulation of Service-Oriented Computing and Provisioning Policies for Autonomic Utility Grids.


Feedback and Q/A from the Audience


Discussion on Potentials/Opportunities for Research and Education Linkages


Distribution of Knowledge Transfer Kits




From the Partner Contact Person



 * Invited guests would be the Head of the Organization, Dean of Faculty, Vice-Chancellor of the University, Minister, or National Advisor.

 ** A single page flyer on each project member’s work could be found here.

Content of the Knowledge Transfer Video


The length of the video is 10 minutes. It includes:

  • Melbourne’s evolution, highlighting Melbourne University, engineering, ICT, and GRIDS Lab (1 Minute).

  • Highlights of education and research in the University of Melbourne (2 Minutes).

  • Individual student research showcases by the project members (5 Minutes, 1 Minute/project member).

  • Highlights on the ‘Melbourne Model’ focusing the opportunities and requirements for potential students (2 Minutes).


Content of the Knowledge Transfer Kit


It is intended to provide two kinds of kits: primary and supplementary, to the partners and active student participants, respectively. A primary knowledge transfer kit contains:

  • A copy of the book, “Content Delivery Networks”, published by Springer-Verlag, New York, USA (valued at USD $149, with applicable author discount: 33.33%), which has been brought out based on the research and teaching at the University of Melbourne. A single page flyer on the book is attached herewith.

  • Reference List – including reference papers, relevant links and on-line resources, and potential research topics.

  • Printed handouts.

  • A copy of the Knowledge Transfer Video (in DVD).

  • Brochures on the education, research and teaching at the University of Melbourne, including the descriptions of the ‘Melbourne Model’ and ‘dreamlarge’ initiatives.

A supplementary student knowledge transfer kit contains:

  • Printed handouts.

  • A copy of the Knowledge Transfer Video (in DVD).

  • Brochures on the education, research and teaching at the University of Melbourne.

  • One T-Shirt with logo of ‘The University of Melbourne’, featuring ‘growing esteem’ through knowledge transfer.