Next Generation Content Delivery Networks

 Book - "Content Delivery Networks" (Publisher: Springer)


The proliferation of Content Delivery Networks (CDN) reveals that existing content networks are owned and operated by individual companies. As a consequence, closed delivery networks are evolved which do not cooperate with other CDNs and in practice, islands of CDNs are formed. Moreover, the logical separation between contents and services in this context results in two content networking domains. A unified content network that supports the coordinated composition and delivery of content and services would be much better. Finding ways for distinct content networks to coordinate and cooperate with other content networks is necessary for better overall service. In addition to that, meeting the QoS requirements of users according to the negotiated Service Level Agreements between the user and the content network is a burning issue in this perspective. Hence, we are researching on an open, scalable and Service-Oriented Architecture based system that assists the creation of open CDNs. These open CDNs scale and support sharing of resources through peering with other CDNs. Web servers within each CDN are capable of delivering services in order to meet QoS requirements of end-users. We propose Virtual Organization (VO) model for forming CDNs that not only support sharing of Web servers within their own networks, but also with other CDNs. Realizing our VO model for forming CDNs and the policy framework within the VO should be a timely contribution to the ongoing content-networking trend. Our work on developing next generation CDNs is a joint collaboration between the GRIDS laboratory, University of Melbourne, and the DSN Laboratory, RMIT University, Australia.

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